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Name: Monitoring and Forecasting System Development for Wind Generated Electrical Power in Turkey


With this project, it is aimed to provide large-scale integration of Wind Power Plants(WPPs) to Turkey Electricity System.
In this context, a wind power system monitoring and forecasting system will be developed and disseminated throughout Turkey.

Technical Content and Components : In the project,which is designed for the generation of a large-scale electricity from wind resource and determination of the necessary measures for the integration of wind power plants with electrical systems,monitoring and forecasting system basically consists of five sub-system.

  1. WPP Measurement Sub-System
  2. Wind Forecast Sub-System
  3. Forecast Subsystem of Electrical Power That Will Be Produced From The Wind
  4. Monitoring and Prediction Center Sub-System
  5. User Sub-System



The overall functioning of the system is summarized as follows:

Meteorological data (speed, direction, temperature, etc.) from existing WPPs is retrieved via wind measurement stations.Turbine 'status' conditions is taken through the SCADAs.In addition, with "Monitors" established in the transformer centers of stations, data(power, current, voltage and so on.) are transmitted in real-time to Wind Energy Monitoring and Forecast Center.

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